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How long does hair extensions procedure takes?

A professional in this field will be able to do hair extensions for 2 2,5 hours. After this time, you get great results, with professional hair cut and styling.

Can I have my hair extensions done at my home and invite hair extensions specialist to myself?

Hair extensions can be done at home, you just need to make a call and Olja Cutz will provide all information to get this kind of service. Also, you must specify the nuances, without that hair extensions installation is impossible the hair extension installation is impossible: the length and color of your natural hair, desired length and color of the hair structure (straight/wavy/curly).

Which hair extensions do you offer?

To install hair extensions, hot and cold method is used. The main difference that underlies each of these technologies is in the method of attachment of the extensions strand. Cold methods are Japanese and Spanish hair extensions, and the hot - Italian and English. There are also two varieties of American technology hair - hot and cold.

Is it very expensive to have hair extensions done by Olja Cutz?

Do not worry, hair extensions available to every woman. This is not such an expensive procedure, as was before. Cost of one strand depends on its length. The longer your hair, the more expensive cost of your hair extensions.

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